fabfitfun box?

Seen the ads?  Go ahead – give it a go!

There I was, shopping for Christmas, wondering why I waited so long and, of course, overspending instead of following my budget.  Next year, I determined, I would be good and budget accordingly.  But, this is a goal that seems to get pushed to the back burner and forgotten sometimes in the sea of bills, repairs, emergencies and “life”.

So there I was, popping onto my Facebook page to see what my family is up to, and of course, tons of “unboxing” videos kept coming up from my favorite celebs.  This, I decide, is the answer to my budget problem.  I can get this box and save items for next year’s Christmas gifts.  I quickly order the Editor’s Box, and follow-up with a one-year subscription.

LOVED IT!   I used some products and saved others for presents.  I can tell this will be a fun year with quarterly boxes to enjoy!



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