What’s up with those Tiny Houses?

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So here you are, a responsible adult.  You know you are wasting money on “stuff”.  You know your “stuff” is holding you back, and you want to make a change.  It’s time to clean out the clutter, empty that garage and get on with life!

You are driving down the mountain road and you see it, this cute little place that seems like your perfect alternative.  You make the decision.  For $60k or thereabouts you can buy this tiny house in cash, get rid of your stuff, and go live on a tiny plot of land with no debt. What a great idea!

ARE YOU CRAZY?  Have you fallen down and slammed your head on the concrete?  Have you gone absolutely insane?

You are actually going to LIVE in that tiny space?   That’s not a house, not a home – that’s a camper for a weekend vacation!

Some things you may find living in your new little place that may not have come to mind…      You will never have anyone over for dinner.  Your children will never be able to come over with your grandchildren, and the most important thing… your mental health will suffer.  Oh – and Ladies – that time of the month when you can barely walk much less stand up straight – you will have to climb that ladder to get into “bed”.

How do I know?  Six months in a tiny efficiency apartment was all it took for me.  Thirty-plus years later I still have panic attacks when I think of that place.  I HATED it.  I was 19.  My family was of the “18 and out” mentality and I knew I had to move.  All I could afford was an efficiency and I hated every single second of my life there.  Not only did I hate being there, but I felt so secluded, so set off from my world and the walls literally closed in on me.   That is what I fear each and every person who purchases a “tiny house” will face.

If $60k is your budget for housing, I suggest you look at the alternatives.  Move to a city where you can afford a standard home,  maybe find a new mobile home, or look at condominiums.  There are plenty of alternatives out there.  You do not need to live in a camper.  Put your health and well-being first.  I’m sure to some of you these little boxes look “cute”, but really you are giving up much more than a few bills.

Take my word for it – tiny house = no life.

Just my opinion.




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