Script Readings Rock!


What could be better on a Saturday morning than meeting for coffee and script readings?

Honest Abe Production Group, LLC, (HAPG) is busy working on their next film series,        “The Distant Thunder”.  As you can imagine, preparing for three full-length feature films is no easy task.  Occasionally, we just can’t stop and two-hour script meetings turn into full-day events!

To say filmmaking is your life is an understatement!!  Filmmaking is a way of life!

“The Distant Thunder” is a film series by screenwriter and director, William Frost.           Mr. Frost explains “This is the result of years of writing, re-writes and more re-writes.  We have some of the absolute best talent in the industry and cannot wait for the final films to be on that big screen.”

Watch for updates!  We know you’re going to love this!

Visit for further updates!

Next Saturday — the fireplace will be going, we’re having script readings, and for some downtime, the crew will be playing pool!     Check back for more posts on our film, the film processes, the HAPG Short Film Showcase and filmmaker budgets!overviewhighlight_1600x840_thebreyley_2015_club01_el1



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