Charlotte, NC The Queen City

A weekend visit in the The Queen City will leave you feeling like a “royal” commoner.

Sometimes, a beautiful city just does not show you the love.  You do not even want to hear about my first night in Charlotte.  Never one to give up, a quick visit to the city’s center prior to hitting the highway changed things around.

Peaceful quiet filled the air on a nice Sunday visit.  Uptown Charlotte and the surrounding area is charming.  From the beautiful parks to the tree-lined streets, it is easy to forget you are actually in a city.

Charlotte has a unique personality.  Not cosmopolitan, not country and yet not really alive.  The city seemed to be in a nap.  A long, peaceful Sunday nap.

Perhaps another visit is required to really see the sights of the city.  But for now, this Manhattan lover is craving Carmine’s and a walk in Central Park.



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